Biometric - Border Control  &  Biometric Payment Authentication

We offer several premiere integrated multimodal biometrics solutions built on a robust identity management software suite for unparalleled value to Law Enforcement, Government Identification program clients, Airport Authorities, and Security organizations needing flexible, scalable and secure solutions to meet their identity enrollment and security needs.

Our company possesses a unique set of capabilities and strategic partnerships that are ready to deliver a solution for your biometric and identity management needs (including biometric payment authentication, Global Entry Kiosks and Global Watchlist integrations for airport border patrol compliance.) 

FAEPS and it's partners maintain a diverse portfolio of biometric capture devices and has developed an identity management software application that provides a full-function enrollment, identification, and matching capability through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.  Our system supports enrollment, identification, and verification of these biometrics: face, finger, and iris, voice, signature and palm.  In addition, our system supports ICAO document (passports and visas) verification by reading MRZ, the person’s face images, and the associated smart chip data.

FAEPS offers consulting services based on extensive combined experience in payment platform development, biometric technologies and solutions including Identity Management, Access Control, Technology Assessment, Solution and Product Development, and a full life cycle Program Management for Government Citizen Programs, Law Enforcement, Military, and Intelligence Community clients.